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    This electronic lock is for drawer, closet door lock, unlock and other all kinds of special design, by dc motor automatic lock out institutions, by reverse back elastic locking, pr...


    Model 電子鎖電機YGA12F-DZ-1
    Power RatingBased On Custmoers’ Requirement(W)
    Motor SeriesBrushed DC Motor
    Rated Voltage:1.5~6.0(V)
    Rated Speed:10~1000(rpm)
    Typical ApplicationsMedical Equipment, Hairdressing Equipment, Adult Toy,                               Intelligent Electronical Lock.

    Shape Dimension Figure

    ★Why Choose Us?

    ★Company Profile

    Shenzhen Yuanruixin ElectronicS Co., Ltd established in 2008, our company gradually expanded and passed the ISO9001 in 2003 with the honesty and hard working. It had an area of more than 2500 square meters and had more than 180 employees, 8 technical engineers. We owned advanced production and testing equipment, and the production capacity is more than 15 million units annual of various types of motors.

    The company specialize in the design, manufacture and marketing of DC brushless gear motor, micro DC motor, DC geared motor, DC coreless motor, planet motor, synchronous motor etc. We had more than 40 series geared motors and the diameter of the motors cover 6mm to 60mm. The motors we produced are widely used in home electronic appliance, office equipment, health-care appliance, sanitation industry, high-class toy, banking system, electronic and electrical tools, automation industry, Security System: bank equipments, payment equipments, ventilations  and apparatus, ssnitary dispensers, electric valve and actuators traffic and packing system, ventilation health and beautify cares like massager, pet care device, medical equipments and apparatus, library management automation, farm and animal care and feeding device, agricultural equipments, electric windows and door; electric curtains graden automation, gaming and amusement equipments. Our company specialize in the design, manufacture and marketing of permanent magnet DC motor, AC and DC gear motor and we are one if the company who are earliest and biggest to produce geared motor. And 70% of the products are exported to Japan, South Korea, Canada, the United States, Germany, Pakistan, Italy, dubai and other developed countries.

    With the spirit of “supreme quality, innovation, integrity management, customer first, we hope to work with our customers and partners to do win-win business and common development.

    All our staff welcome our domestic and overseas customers to inquiry and cooperate with us, and hope to develop with you together and create the beautiful future!

    Contact Information

    Shenzhen Yuanruixin Electronics Co.,Ltd

    Adress:3rdFloor,E Building,Ronghongtai Industrial Park,Langkou Industrial                 Area,Dalang Street,Longhua District,Shenzhen City,China,518109
    Tel: +86 0755 61116625  61116626
    Fax:+86 0755 61116637
    Moble: +86 13826588235
    Email: szsaite@188.com
    Web: www.xxweixin.net
    HongKong Branch: Hongkong Ruijin Group (Holding)Co.,Ltd
    Address: Room 04,7th Floor,Kaitu Developing Building,No 33,Mong Kok Area,Kowloon,Hongkong,China.

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